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Our goal is to furnish and install all of your commercial interior needs. Our commitment is to service and professionalism.



Commercial Interior Contractor

The Sales Department is dedicated and devoted to your interior projects. From the start, to the finish, they will see the project through to the end. With years of experience, they will help in reaching your goals and schedules. Below is a contact list of the Sales Department, along with links to their emails.

Sales Team 

Mike Tambornino

Mike Van Horrick

Shawn Williams

Lindsay Wostrel

Brent Theisen

TJ Rokke

763-367-7905 ext. 7905

763-367-7901 ext. 7901

763-367-7904 ext. 7904

763-367-7902 ext. 7902

612 790-3251 ext. 7917

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